My name is Lina Breuer. I am a certified Graphic Designer, based in Cologne (Germany) and love to create appealing assets, as well as learning all kinds of new programs and skills.

I started with my training back in 2019 at Headup Games and successfully completed it in 2022. After the acquisition by Thunderful, I have been working there for the past two years.
I’ve been the go-to for all things store and social media assets related, as well as company presentations. But you can also count on me for seasonal promotions and printed products.

I love to dive into detailed fandoms and immerse myself in magical worlds. You may as well call me a nerd.
When I read I can see whole worlds open up before me and I love to get my inspiration from nature, movies, games and books. You can learn so much from embracing your interests, as it fuels your fire to continue what you love.

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