I fell in love with Julias first series “Izara” and was thrilled to find out that there was another triology, which was not taking place in the human world. Julia describes stunning landscapes and mysterious places, which I was excited to explore and turn into different pieces. The Cassardim series fed me with a lot of inspiration I could grow on and experiment with new techniques and pictures.

This is the description of the first book written by Julia Dippel “Cassardim – Jenseits der Goldenen Brücke”.

Dangerous, surprising, and captivating
– welcome to Cassardim!

Amaia has just turned sixteen – for the eighth time. Amaia is keen to find out why her family is aging so slowly and why she doesn’t resemble any of her five siblings, but her parents do everything they can to protect this family secret – constant moves, strict rules


Personal Work

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